After four years meticulous refurbishment performed by Valter Marchisio Enterprise from Prazzo, Sagna Rotonda hamlet is restored to its former glory, offering its guests unique emotions and sensations, through its supreme setting and beauty.

Sagna Rotonda is a project my family and I have undertaken to establish an eco-village in the Piedmont mountains. The idea was born by merging different experiences: mine, as a craftsman in installation and restructuring; and my wife’s expertise, in the hospitality industry, running a B&B in the town of Pecetto Torinese. Our love for an unspoiled mountain and the desire to rediscover an area which is still little-known by families, visitors and sportspersons encouraged us to reinstate an ancient hamlet and let it be a landmark for those seeking a different type of vacation, far from the hustle and bustle, both for hiking and mountain biking. Furthermore, thanks to the alternative energy sources applied, you can see and try yourself the advantages of renewable energy, with all outcomes and opportunities.

The project consisted in purchasing and restoring an abandoned hamlet, left in precarious conditions. The hamlet called Sagna Rotonda is located in the town of Marmora, in the Maira Valley (Cuneo), at 1,644 meters above the sea level, accessible via a forest road, 2 km far from the nearest town.
The idea was to refurbish whilst preserving the architectural features of the buildings (dating back to 1700s) in order to obtain 13 units and few common areas, by combining the latest manufacturing techniques and systems in thermal insulation and consolidation, operating inside the building in order not to damage the external aesthetics, exclusively focusing on environmentally friendly alternative energy sources.

A 8 kWp (ca.) solar photovoltaic installation has been set up to obtain power. This is linked both to the heating system by electrically powered heat pumps and to electric induction cooktops, whilst hot water production is assured by electric boilers.

As a result, we have been able to achieve a fully self-sufficient structure – energy wise, yet eco-friendly – by excluding any CO2 emissions in the atmosphere. Ultra-low power lighting systems usage, as new LED technologies and fluorescent electronics, finalize the building installation.

To some research I have made this structure would be one of a kind. A place unique offering visitors and their families new sensations and experiences, with the opportunity to socialize with other Sagna Rotonda’s guests. A small hamlet restored to its former glory, surrounded by the incomparable beauty of a natural environment. A large common area, converted from a stone-vaulted old barn, is also available along with the hamlet’s wood-burning oven completely restored, and the porch just in front of it. The property also includes a large garden with an outdoor playground for children and tables in the open-air.

Maira Valley is an area offering the chance to visit a still little-known part of our mountains, where “via ferratas” (iron roads) of the Alpine Wall – on the France-Italy border – are greatly spread. Ideal for walking and cycling tours, admiring fortifications and trenches from the second World War, as the Gardetta plateau or “Rocca La Meja”, within a mountain scenery as good as the most famous locations.

We believe Piedmont has finally started to be accredited and appreciated by both domestic and international tourism, for such reason we have been able to create an innovative project with the aim to make visitors re-experience past or long gone life’s rhythms , focusing on a non-commercial tourism yet connected to discover a territory, and recover sensations only nature with its unspoiled beauty can inspire.

Giovanni, Teresina, Giulio, Stefano